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The leva® Difference: Tracking Your Improvement

leva can let you see your improvement like never before. As your pelvic floor strength increases, you can actually see your Lifts get stronger. When you lift during your Lift, you will be able to see it, measure it and store that information. It’s more than just numbers on a page. You will see that you are doing your pelvic floor exercises properly. This is important, because doing your exercises incorrectly can cause even more damage. Keep in mind that rehabbing any muscle takes time since the damage may have taken place over years.

leva captures your data allowing you and your physician to quickly make informed decisions to improve your outcomes, using a patient centric approach to healthcare. leva puts the power in your hands, letting your success inspire you to improve. You are in control of your progress. The more effort you make the better your results, and the your leva app can prove it.*

*Results may vary.

Start tracking your improvement

Tap on the History icon and you will see your sessions and your progress. You can compare your Lifts from exercise to exercise and from session to session. You may notice that your Lift weakens at session 5 because your muscles may be tired. You may also see your endurance and progress improve over time. Eventually, you may be able to do repeated sessions as your pelvic floor muscles get stronger.

The your leva app can store up to 300 training sessions on your smarphone device. All of your sessions are being stored automatically on the Renovia database in your personal health record.

Workouts are separated by rows, and in each row you will be able to see:

1. The date the exercise was performed
2. The time the exercise was performed
3. The start angle
4. The max angle
5. The final score of multi-step training session
6. The maximum score for session 1
7. The maximum score for session 2
8. The maximum score for session 3
9. The maximum score for session 4
10. The maximum score for session 5

The Renovia database contains your personal health record, which allows you to see and track your progress. Login with your private user name and password to view your sessions. All the results from the Patient Progress Reports are also stored on the same database on the website.


The your leva app captures and records your data which is pushed automaticallly to the Renovia database when your smart device is connect to Wifi, creating a personal health record that can be shared with your physician to optimize your treatment.

For your actual progress and scores, go to History on the your leva app.